LUMNIA alongside Echo and Aura building create the EXEO office campus based in Parque das Nações. This office campus offers over 70,000 sqm of offices, with contemporary design architecture, state-of-art facilities, and several engaging public spaces such as gardens, squares and supporting services. 

LUMNIA is the first of the three buildings to be concluded and the largest with almost 30,000 sqm of gross area. This building gathers all technologic features and conditions to create a new generation of offices.

Designed by RISCO Architects, the building features a modern façade, with contemporary lines where glass and shade blades prevails, providing luminosity, transparency through the whole building. The environment views are available wherever you are located inside the building. This architecture gives to everyone the flexibility in terms of using the workspaces, imposing boundaryless opportunities of internal layouts, always keeping a continuous dialogue with the surrounding landscapes and the multifunctional external terraces.

LUMNIA’s facilities are designed to help its tenants achieve their goals, reducing carbon emissions for a healthier lifestyle and archiving all the sustainable Developments Goals in European Union agenda.


Learn more about LEED and WELL certifications (work in progress).

Increasing health and well-being awareness solutions is a major target of WELL’s mission and with Lumnia building we gave a step forward towards that goal.


We would like to invite you to an opportunity to learn more about the Construction site process impact in your health.


Please find out more about Lumnia Building by booking an Educational Tour with the Building Manager.


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Cycling makes you happier

Did you know that cycling to work can make you happier? Cycling can improve fitness levels, balancing your blood pressure and boosting your energy capacity. On the carparking floor, -1, at Lumnia there is a dedicated area for parking bikes, with full equiped changing rooms where shower rooms and locks are available. Here you can begin your working day, helthier and energized.

The importance of exposure to light

The large glass façades of Lumnia increases the income of natural light into the office spaces, while the curtains help to avoid any discomfort that may occurs. Studies have concluded that there is an increasement of productivity when people work near to windows where natural light is more abundant.

Stay hydratated!

Did you know that when a person reach a 2% of dehydratation, it can lead any person into impairment and cognitive performance? Stay hydratated! You can find water dispensers in especific location within the comum areas of Lumnia.

Thermal comfort in Lumnia

All the 351 photovoltaic panels installed throughout the three roofs of Lumnia allows an estimated production of around 230MWh. This means that there is a contribution to reduce the energy consumption from the Mains and prioritizing the efficiency of thermal production energy.

Use the stairs more often!

Integrating physical activity into your daily basis and avoid sedentary behaviors. Step by step creating healthier routines.

Efficiency mindset

Regarding the approach to water consumption vs waste, at Lumnia the "efficiency mindset comes first". The low consumption levels for the sanitary equipment allows us to save around 40% of potable water. Saying that the water flows rates are: - Bathroom faucets lower than 1.5 l/m - Flushing system with 3/6 l/flush - Showers with 6 l/min


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